Blakebrough & King Cedar Incense Kit with Cedar Incense

Handcrafted incense burner made from stainless steel and copper, with 30 cedar incense sticks


Why We Love This

A contemporary take on the incense burner, this stainless steel holder with a copper stripe takes up very little space, but makes a big impact. We love the design’s delicate balance between form and function, and the scent of the cedar incense transports us to the forest.


With the discovery of fire, our ancestors learned that by throwing dried leaves, spices or twigs into a fire, the air was quickly filled with powerful aromas, many of which could heighten the senses. No wonder man sought a way to incorporate natural scents like cedar into a tangible form for their medicinal practices and spiritual traditions. Cedar, like all wood incenses, is associated with fire, denoting strength or power. Historically, it was common to burn this incense in a fort or castle prior to battle. Cedar incense is still burned for a range of positive effects: healing, purification, protection, grounding, clarity, insight and wisdom. The holder measures 10mm x 25mm and comes with 30 sticks.

About the Maker

The Australian design duo of Ben Blakebrough and Sara K. are known for a clean, modern aesthetic that melds artistry with ceremony. Each piece of furniture, lighting or tableware is handmade in their workshop in the Southern Highlands in the spirit of ritual and with great attention to detail. The two have been working together since 2006, honing their complementary skills and mindsets. Blakebrough is a flight engineer and machine artist—hence the attention to precision. Sara K., creative director of an international collection of designers who transform waste materials into one-of-a-kind home products, brings an interest in sustainability to the table.

Additional information

Weight 2.6 oz




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