Blessings of the Cosmos : Benedictions from the Aramaic Words of Jesus

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Aramaic—the language Jesus and his disciples spoke—has captured the imagination of Christians across the country. Since the publication of his bestseller Prayers of the Cosmos (over 100,000 copies sold; Harper & Row, 1990), Neil Douglas-Klotz has become a foremost expert at uncovering the rich layers of meaning and wisdom found in Jesus’ original words. Now, in Blessings of the Cosmos, this renowned scholar presents Jesus’ best-loved benedictions, including: • His last messages to the disciples, including the “great commandment” on love, the “many mansions” teaching, the blessing of “greater works,” and more • How to find the divine presence in unexpected places • Invocations of light, joy, peace, and faith • A wealth of body-based practices designed to bring spiritual energy and insight • 80-minute CD with many guided prayers in Aramaic Whether for personal inspiration or use in communal worship and rites of passage, with Blessings of the Cosmos, readers now have a heart-opening prayerbook that will ever deepen their experience of the divine.

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