Bluma Project Capri Bracelet 7″


A slender beaded stretch bracelet anchored by a colorful tassel


Why We Love This

The bright colors and fun tassels on this bracelet somehow seem to go with everything. We love its playful quality, and how easy it is to just slip on, and we feel comfort in knowing it was made by a circle of women who genuinely appreciate the fact that we’ve chosen to wear it.


The glass beads of this bracelet sparkle with some of the brightest colors found in nature, and like the crown feathers of an exotic bird, a brilliantly colored tassel draws the eye, the centerpiece of this stretchable circle of color. This piece is beautiful in more ways than one: It not only looks great with any outfit, but it also supports the female artisans in the Philippines who are able to support their families because of the work they do with Bluma Project.

About the Maker

Founded by designer Beth Shaeffer, Brooklyn-based Bluma Project features jewelry, textiles and accessories that are handcrafted in developing countries such as Peru, Guatemala, Philippines and India. Shaeffer works with the artisans to encourage an organic and modern feel while staying true to their use of ancient techniques. Blending fashion with culturally inspired aesthetics and globally minded business practices, Bluma Project is dedicated to world travelers everywhere with a sense of wanderlust.

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