Bluma Project Romy Bracelet 7″

A set of three braided bracelets to wear together or one at a time


Why We Love This

These three braided bracelets remind us of the striated tones of desert rocks. We love how the subtle colors are accented with glints of metallic thread, kind of like the way the sun lights up the sand before it sets for the night.


Made in the Philippines by a group of women artisans, this set of three bohemian bracelets blends cotton and metallic fibers into bands of color, ranging from cool to warm. Wear them individually, pile them together, or combine them with other bracelets to make a bolder statement. Low-key and comfortable to wear, these pieces carry the relaxed, happy vibe of a women’s collective at work. Traditional symbols of spiritualism, the tassels are a big part of this piece. Just touch them, people say, for an extra bit of good luck.

About the Maker

Founded by designer Beth Shaeffer, Brooklyn-based Bluma Project features jewelry, textiles and accessories that are handcrafted in developing countries such as Peru, Guatemala, Philippines and India. Shaeffer works with the artisans to encourage an organic and modern feel while staying true to their use of ancient techniques. Blending fashion with culturally inspired aesthetics and globally minded business practices, Bluma Project is dedicated to world travelers everywhere with a sense of wanderlust.

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