Bluma Project Samira Bangle

A slender gold bracelet holding a rustic-cut stone


Why We Love This

The ancient Druids considered smoky stones sacred. In other cultures, they were thought to guide souls to the afterlife, and often served in shamanistic rituals and tribal ceremonies. Why not have one on hand all the time?


Known as a neutralizer of negative energy, the shadowy transparency of smoky stones has fascinated people for ages.†It’s said to have healing properties, and those who use crystals say it neutralizes negative energy. This piece from Bluma Project supports women in isolated areas by offering them the means to support their families with their creations. Like the woman who made it, this bangle makes a statement on its own, and an even bolder one when teamed with other bracelets.

About the Maker

Founded by designer Beth Shaeffer, Brooklyn-based Bluma Project features jewelry, textiles and accessories that are handcrafted in developing countries such as Peru, Guatemala, Philippines and India. Shaeffer works with the artisans to encourage an organic and modern feel while staying true to their use of ancient techniques. Blending fashion with culturally inspired aesthetics and globally minded business practices, Bluma Project is dedicated to world travelers everywhere with a sense of wanderlust.

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