Bodha Ritual Incense Holder

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Handcrafted brass incense holder for two styles of incense


Why We Love This

The integrative spiritual practice of incense burning is made simple and beautiful with this thoughtfully designed incense holder. Handcrafted in Japan by a century-old foundry, the Ritual Incense Burner is made from 100% brass. Associated with prosperity and repelling negative energy, we think brass is the perfect material for bringing a sense of ceremony to our lives.


Looking like a miniature piece of modern art, the sphere, a symbol of completeness and unity, rests on a stabilizing paten. A single vine of incense fits snugly. Perfectly weighted to hold incense and small enough to put in a pocket, this incense holder is ideal for travel. It’s actually designed with two wells: one to fit Indian-style incense and the other to hold Japanese-style incense. It’s also an artful object on its own.

About the Maker

Bodha believes we can connect with our inner selves through fragrance, and by burning incense, bring a sense of ritual to daily life. Bodha designs scents that help calm and purify as a way to maintain lifelong centeredness. Their range of scents is a modern collection based on the ancient ritual, made with the finest materials, designed in Los Angeles, and produced by artisans from New Zealand to Japan.

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