Bodhi Sacred Smoke Box


Brass ball incense holder two scents of Smells Like Spells Natural Incense.
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Why We Love This

Incense has been used for centuries in meditation and sacred smoke ceremonies. This box includes two scents from Lithuanian-based Smells Like Spells: Norns (Nag Champa) and Idunn (Agarwood Liquorice and Frankincense). We love that both include a simple meditation/affirmation ritual to perform. To complete this box, we¥ve added this beautiful brass ball incense holder.


Ritual spells have been part of Eastern European culture since the Dark Ages. Today, Smells Like Spells creates modern perfumery, candles and incense, balancing daily usage of these items with what they call “útraditional folk wisdom and a touch of magic.” Each product is made by hand from original recipes, with the idea of bringing the timeless enchantment of spells into our everyday lives. In Norse mythology, Norns are female beings that rule the destiny of a child when it is born. This Norns (Nag Champa) incense was created with the intention of attracting personal luck and inspiring new challenges and resourcefulness. Idunn was the goddess of eternal youth and immortality. This Idunn incense was created to inspire lifelong youthfulness and beauty, revitalize the body and soul, awaken sexuality and create a sensuous romantic atmosphere. All Smells Like Spells incense contains no wooden heart, charcoal or glue, so it works its ritual charms without emitting toxic elements as it burns.

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