Bodhi Tree Exclusive Bodhi Leaf Brass Holder


A hand-forged incense holder, made exclusively for Bodhi Tree


Why We Love This

Los Angeles├▒based artist and designer Tania Enriquez reinterpreted her signature incense holder design in the shape of a Bodhi tree leaf-exclusively for us. We love the craftsmanship and the fact that every one is hand-forged and unique. Each time we use it, it reminds us of how grateful we are to be a part of the rebirth of Bodhi Tree.


In every expertly handcrafted and forged holder, the skill of artist Tania Enriquez is obvious. Each soldered and sanded incense burner varies subtly in shape, so no two are exactly alike. The little pipe shape, centered on the solid brass dish, snugly holds a single stick of incense, while its broad base catches any ash. Light and organic in look, this brass dish will gracefully age over time with a lustrous patina.

About the Maker

Born in the Philippines, Tania Enriquez, of Fixed-Air, is a Los Angeles├▒based artist and designer who is known for her unique brass incense holders. We admired her handmade creations so much that we sought her out to collaborate on this beautiful project.

Additional information

Weight 8.0 oz


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