Bodhi Wand Smudging Box


A Spirit Feather and Crystal Wand Smudge Mini Variety Pack.
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Clearing a space with Juniper Ridge smudge (with sage, cedar and mugwort) and a Spirit Feather and Crystal Wand takes the ritual of smudging to another level. When lit, the smudge will emit a natural, earthy aroma. Wands are associated with magic and directing energy, and this one contains a rose quartz orb, known as the “heart stone.” When used in a smudging ritual, the white spirit feather is intended to bring in the energies of trust and faith.


The ancient ceremony of smudging├│when smoke from sacred plants is used to clear and bless a space or person├│dates back to prehistoric times and is most associated with Native American practices. When lit and smoldering, smudge leaves a room balanced and grounded. This Juniper Ridge Smudge Mini Variety Pack includes three different types of smudge: Sage, which has an earthy, fresh scent c said to enhance intuition and lift spirits; cedar, which offers odor absorption with an outdoorsy scent; and mugwort, which, as a tonic, boosts the cleansing properties of this variety pack. A Spirit Feather and Crystal Wand completes this box. Crystal practitioners suggest using a crystal wand by setting an intention and holding the point either toward the body to channel positive energy inward, or away from the body to draw out negative energy. Crystal healers believe rose quartz can help heal emotional wounds and reawaken the heart to create a feeling of deep contentment, allowing one to give and receive love freely. Note that crystal practitioners use crystals for specific purposes. This information is not intended to diagnose or treat health conditions.

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