Book of Miracles : Inspiring True Stories of Healing, Gratitude, and Love

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“Bernie, as he prefers to be called, first wrote about miracles when he was a practicing surgeon and pioneered Exceptional Cancer Patients, a groundbreaking synthesis of group, individual, dream, and art therapy that provided patients with a “carefrontation.” His safe and loving approach facilitated patients’ awareness of their own physical, spiritual, and psychological healing potential. Compiled during his more than thirty years of practice, speaking, and teaching, the stories here are riveting, warm, and belief-expanding. Their subjects include a girl whose baby brother helped her overcome anorexia, a woman whose cancer helped her heal by teaching her to stand up for herself, and even a family who were saved from a burning house by bats. Without diminishing the reality of pain and hardship, they show real people turning crisis into blessing by responding to adversity in ways that empower and heal. Their stories offer readers the same opportunity”–

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