Buddhism in Ten : Easy Lessons for Spiritual Growth

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Filled with simple exercises and thought-provoking lessons, this Buddhist instructional book will help you get started on the Buddhist path of moderation, mindfulness, and enlightened living.

More than any other introduction to Buddhism, Buddhism in Ten provides readers with the understanding and tools they need to live a deeper and fuller life along Buddhist principles. Ten lessons, each inspired by an aspect of Buddhism, show how to incorporate this Eastern philosophy into your daily life. Each lesson is enhanced with several exercises—some physical, some mental, and some spiritual.

Simple lessons show you how to:

  • Develop a sense of clarity through Right Meditation
  • Understand and accept your own experiences through the Four Noble Truths
  • Enrich everyday life with Right Mindfulness
  • Remove obstacles to a spiritually enlightened life—and reveal your own Buddha nature

The Buddhist tradition can help you develop a life of wisdom, awareness, and compassion. With its thorough, accessible exploration of Buddhist philosophy and practice, this book can guide you to a more rewarding, more joyful life.

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