Burkina Faso Antique Ceremonial Iron Oil Lamp


Antique ceremonial oil lamps from Africa


Why We Love This

These antique oil lamps from the Bobo-Dioulasso area in West Africa are the creations of masterful Mande blacksmiths. As lighting fixtures, They’re used to provide a warm glow to any room. Today, we love arranging them in clusters for an ancient-meets-modern look.


Light is a time-tested way to create a comforting home environment. Oil lamps from Burkina Faso, a landlocked region in West Africa surrounded by six countries, are still used for lighting homes or for special nocturnal ceremonies, where each section constituting the lamp is said to bear a symbolic valueóthe cup for the mouth, the wick for the tongueóduring communal events. Skilled African blacksmiths who provided the surrounding regions of Mali and Benin with unique iron art crafted these light fixtures that survive today. These oil lamps aren’t only decorative fixtures, but in this case, valuable antiques.

About the Maker

Specializing in decorative pieces, ancient sculptures, ethnic furniture, vintage textiles, pearls and jewels, KANEM brings the arts of ancient Africa to the world by offering one-of-a-kind designs featuring sub-Sahara African artisanship. Their unique pieces capture the soul of antique African design. KANEM allows us to travel to the heart of African civilization through truly rare keepsakes.

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