Campfire Incense

Incense sticks with a sweet pine scent


Why We Love This

This Desert PiÒon incense is harvested from the American Southwest pine tree, a symbol of that magical region. The needles are blended with the tree’s resin and tempered with wood and bamboo. We love to light a stick, then close our eyes and imagine ourselves around a campfire, surrounded by pine trees.


The ritual of burning incense has been around for centuries in many cultures around the world. Today, it’s a simple way to apply the idea of ritual to daily life, and this natural scent can highlight everyday beauty. Since it can help clear the mind by providing a shift for the senses, it’s great to help mark time for mediation, yoga, aromatherapy or basic relaxation. Juniper Ridge makes organic incense available in a variety of fragrances so one can experience the natural world anytime, anyplace. Each illustrated paper tube contains 20 all-natural, perfume-free incense sticks.

About the Maker

Juniper Ridge is committed to bringing the beauty of the untamed landscapeófrom the forest to the desertóinto one’s home and life. Because their products are made with materials that cannot be bought, they forage mountain meadows, wet earth, beneath fir trees, and along trails of the American West to create all-natural wilderness elixirs. Beginning in the field, these are refined and finished in their Oakland, California workshop. Additionally, 10% of all profits are donated to Western Wilderness Defense organizations.

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