Cannabis : The Cure: Its History, Science, Uses, and Rules of Engagement – Paperback


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CANNABIS: THE CURE ITS HISTORY, SCIENCE, USES AND RULES OF ENGAGEMENT BY BRENDAN SHIPTON Ten thousand years ago cannabis found its way into wide use among our ancestors. And over the ensuing millennia, as civilizations rose and fell, cannabis became a trusted tool (sails, rope, linen, bow string), curative (seizures, nausea, insomnia, malaria, gout, etc.), sacrament, and an incredibly effective calming agent. Then in the early Twentieth Century, big business (Big Oil, Pharma, Banking, Big “Health”), unable to “corner” the cannabis market, or to parlay cannabis into novel products it could profit handsomely from, waged an undeclared war against it for the next half century. The undeclared war would finally become declared – and hot – in the latter part of the Twentieth Century, lit initially by the Nixon Administration, as a form of neo-slavery, in order to cotton favor with the disintegrating Southern Democrats. The Reagan and Clinton administrations would follow suit by dramatically escalating the ongoing war against cannabis, particularly against those least able to defend themselves. This then is the story of the humble beginnings of cannabis, its ten thousand year history, its miraculous ability to act as salve and cure for a growing host of ailments and diseases, and the wars fought against this naturally occurring, incredibly curative, and innocent (no attributable deaths) plant.

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