Ceramic Abalone Smudge Shell

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An eco-friendly, handmade dish for smudge ceremonies that looks like abalone


Why We Love This

This bowl was created by the ceramicist Amelia Brooklyn to replicate the precious abalone shell, a mollusk threatened with extinction. Designed to hold a smoldering smudge stick during a cleansing ceremony, we love the thoughtfulness, detail and skill that created it.


In Native American tradition, abalone shells are considered gifts from the sea and lakes. They symbolize water, a part of the balance of the natural elements during spiritual practices. A smudge ceremony is a custom of many indigenous cultures where sage is burned to release unwanted energies. The smudge ritual creates a cleansing smoke bath to purify energy and space. Made from clay, which is sourced from the earth, and water, a sacred element, this convex, oval dish is glazed with highly a iridescent finish, its colors and brilliance perfectly simulating abalone. It is also ideal for holding cleansing charcoal and incense.

About the Maker

Adrienne Fisher, the founder of Meraki Nomad, has a Native American background, a wanderer’s curiosity, and a deep appreciation for the sacred arts. A nomadic spirit inspires her company’s handmade goods, sourced through her travels around the world and chosen with a passion for healing and ritual. Her collection of makers’ works is curated with a dedication to telling the story of an object, revealing its inspiration, and most of all, its soul.

Additional information

Weight 4.0 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 3.75 × 4.75 in


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