Cha 100% Organic Green Tea Box Gift Set

A selection of teas so that every day brings a new experience


Why We Love This

A trio of premium, certified organic green teas adds scope to a daily tea practice. Harvested by five generations of master tea makers, these tea leaves are cultivated in the remote Japanese highlands. Simply packaged, they come in an unadorned wooden box.


Within this chest is a seasonal selection of teas encapsulating summer, autumn and spring. Kanayamidori, a brew that invokes summer rain, is a mild, clear, yellow tea, with subtle notes of honey and an herbal aroma. The warm grainy and grassy flavor of Genmaicha is reminiscent of spring gardens. This roasted brown rice green tea steeps to a golden hue and has a nutty flavor. With its reddish-brown leaves, Hojicha creates a sweet, warm flavor that reminds us of roasted chestnuts in the fall. A known source of antioxidants, green teas are said to decrease blood pressure, lower cholesterol and boost the immune system.

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Weight 8 oz



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