Christian Mystics : 108 Seers, Saints, and Sages


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This clear and informative book provides readers with a crash course on how the seers, saints, and sages of the Christian tradition have pursued and attained enlightenment. This is a user-friendly and potentially life-changing introduction to the wisdom teachings of over 108 of the greatest mystics in the Western tradition. Its premise is that we all need teachers and companions to assist us in developing rich interior lives. It celebrates the universal power and wisdom of the teachings of the mystics, highlighting the ways in which their words can help anyone find greater love, purpose, and a deeper sense of God’s presence.

McColman organizes the mystics into nine categories: visionaries, confessors, lovers, poets, saints, heretics, wisdom keepers, soul-friends, and unitives. He covers a wide range of Christian mystics including Martin Luther King, Hildegard of Bingen, Julian of Norwich, Gregory of Palamus, and C.S. Lewis.

This informative volume will appeal to those who buy religious reference books and those interested in spirituality.

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