Circles of Power : Ritual Magic in the Western Tradition


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Circles of Power by John Michael Greer clears away the outdated clutter that often obscures the power and beauty of Golden Dawn methodology. Using this accessible book, you will be able to feel for yourself the difference those techniques can make in your life.

Circles of Power takes the Golden Dawn system and, for the first time, removes the links to the lodges. This makes powerful Golden Dawn methods available for anyone. You will learn the nature of ritual magic and the tools used in this philosophy, science, and spiritual path. Then you will learn practical, usable techniques of magic which can be done by anyone, adept or novice, with very powerful results. Included are the secrets of:

– Invoking and banishing
– Middle Pillar exercises
– Consecrating and working with the magical tools
– Making and using talismans
– Invisibility and transformation
– Spiritual development
– The formula of the Equinox

Circles of Power is written in a lucid and entertaining style, revealing previously unknown aspects of the magical rites of the Golden Dawn. You will have a chance to explore dozens of new rituals that have been developed from fragments and core documents of the greatest magical order in the history of the modern Western world.

Circles of Power actually revitalizes Western ceremonial magic by removing the unnecessary rhetoric and obscure jargon. Everything is plainly and simply explained, and all the information you need to begin working within this magical system is presented in a clear and concise manner.

Reading Circles of Power is the next best thing to actually joining a Hermetic lodge. Get your copy today.

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