Citrine Point Crystal

A transparent golden quartz said to generate abundance and personal power


Why We Love This

Called the success stone, citrine is believed to promote abundance in all areas of life and also inspire generosity, sharing the happiness of good fortune. It is also believed to be ideal for creativity because it strengthens inner light to spark imagination. Its glassy yellow color gives us a sense of unfettered joy.


The philosophy of modern crystal healing is based on the belief that crystals allow positive energy to flow into the body and release negative energy. Named for the French word for lemon, citron, citrine’s transparent yellow is said to have the bright, warm energy of the sun. It is believed to help dissolve unwanted, negative energies indoors and out. Because practitioners say it brings hope, they suggest carrying it with you to relieve depression and mood swings. Point crystals are very powerful because several facets meet at a single point for a combined and potent energy force. To use it, practitioners recommend holding it in your hands with the point upward, while setting an intention or visualizing where you want its energy to go. Note that crystal practitioners use crystals for specific purposes. This information is not intended to diagnose or treat health conditions.

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Weight 12.0 oz




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