Clear Crystal Quartz Nephertiti Necklace


A statement-making, crystal choker necklace

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Why We Love This

Clear crystal quartz is a stone of protection that can help center the mind to bring about focus, according to jewelry designer Anna Michielan. We love how this bold choker, made of several strands of crystal beads and named for Queen Nefertiti, is both attractive and protective.


Nefertiti, an Egyptian Queen is known as a powerful woman with striking beauty. Michielan designed this necklace to embrace her power and beauty. Clear crystal quartz is a master healing stone that can strengthen thoughts and energy, according to Michielan, who hand selects every stone in her work. She says clear crystal quartz can also help balance energy. Drawing from ancient forms, Oishii jewelry is based on the idea that the finest quality gemstones can invite inner wellbeing. As part of her design process, Michielan connects with the obvious beauty in the stones and their healing properties.

About the Maker

The Oishii collection combines beautiful jewelry design with the healing properties of gems, stones and precious metals. Venetian artist, Anna Michielan carefully selects silver, gold, copper, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, beads and rare artifacts, then meticulously transforms them into modern, versatile pieces. Committed to the wisdom in the natural world of minerals and gems, Michielan embraces the mysticism behind the materials.

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