Color Intuition Kit

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Colour intuition is the process of engaging your intuition to reveal the spiritual knowledge encoded in colour. And, according to Laura Alden Kamm, it’s an innate ability that we can all use-once we develop the skill. On Color Intuition, this renowned intuitive healer and author helps unlock this “sacred vault of wisdom” to direct your life, unleash your creativity, and even heal yourself and others. “Colour is more than mere stimulus for the senses-it is a vast source of energy that holds valuable information,” teaches Kamm. In this comprehensive tool kit-complete with two CDs of guided visualizations and exercises, a detailed 60-page booklet and 34 colour healing cards-she invites you to uncover the hidden treasures of this vibrant form of energy, including:- Practical tools that awaken and enhance your intuitive abilities-the key to gleaning accurate data from colour- How to go beyond the conventional interpretations of colour to discover their unique meaning for you- Why “spiritual innocence” is vital to developing your colour intuition practice-and how to nurture it. “You can always tap into the power and healing energy of colour,” explains Laura Alden Kamm. “The sacred vault and its spiritual treasures await you.” Now, with Color Intuition, you have all the resources you’ll need to begin building-and sustaining-this dynamic force in your life.

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