Color Medicine : The Secrets of Color/Vibrational Healing


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The secrets of color vibration healing. A practitioner’s manual for restoring blocked energy to the body systems with specific color wave lengths. By the founder of The 49th Vibrational Technique. A new dimension in holistic healing, Color Medicine provides a powerful technique for treating specific imbalances and strengthening the immune system. By combining aura-attuned chromatherapy with harmonious sounds, tissue salts and hydrochromatherapy, the 49th Vibrational Technique was developed. It is safe, simple, economical and highly effective. A breakthrough, yet as old as recorded medicine, it utilizes the subtle energy vibrations similar to those found in the visible spectrum: the 49th octave. Light energy is processed through color filters and irradiated into the aura. By matching corresponding wavelengths to the organs and systems of the body, it strengthens or sedates energy in the distressed areas, creating a support system for the healing process. A textbook and how-to handbook, it encompasses an encyclopedia of vital fascinating information, charts, diagrams and tables as well as methods of treatment and technical advice.Whether you are a holistic practitioner or merely curious, this book marks a new frontier in the world of alternative healing.

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