Colored Pencils Brass Holder

A golden metal stand keeps pencils in place and on display


Why We Love This

This L-shaped, polished brass stand is a desktop accessory that holds 25 colored pencils upright, displaying their full color spectrum. Just arranging the pencils in different color combinations helps clear the mind, especially when trying to figure something out.


The artist-quality pencils arrive in a cardboard kraft paper tube that is totally reusable (we love that too) while the sleek, Art Deco-look of the brass holder adds a flash of cool to any desk or worktable surface. Due to its copper content, brass has been known throughout the ages as an anti-microbial and anti-germicidal metal. In spiritual traditions, brass is said to help reveal natural goodness and inner truth and bolster courage. In time, the brass will oxidize with a slight patina. Once the pencils are gone, this heirloom piece can be refilled with new ones.

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Weight 16 oz

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