Complete Desk Set in Murano Glass

A calligraphy kit available with black or blue instruments


Why We Love This

We love that this writing set comes with everything needed to connect with a bygone era of calligraphy and to experience the art of using handmade writing tools. Using this kit allows one to slow down and be entirely present while writing a letter and sealing it with wax.


A tiny group of islands in the Adriatic Sea near Venice, Italy, Murano is the world’s leading producer of handblown glass objects. The centuries-old tradition of crafting decorative Venetian glass has been used by the makers of this kit as handles and stems for many of its pieces. Included is a handmade glass pen, bronze holder, ink, antique nibs, a magnifying glass, a seal and wax.

About the Maker

Maintaining centuries-old tradition and craftsmanship, the Italian company Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica has made calligraphy and writing instruments since 1980. Located on the edge of the Venice lagoon, this luxury-goods company makes all its pieces by hand using precious metals, handblown glass and all-natural ingredients. The collaboration of four brothers, every product created has been fine-tuned over the years through experience and advances, while still keeping with age-old methods used by their ancestors.

Additional information

Weight 30.4 oz




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