Conical Basket Natural With Plum Stripe on Bottom & Plum Interior

A natural palm leaf double conical basket featuring a Plum-colored stripe and interior, in 28cm or 32cm


Why We Love This

Sleek, simple and sturdy, these handcrafted baskets are woven in double layers of natural palm leaf fibers. This unique cone shape provides generous depth and width for storage of just about anything.


Throughout the centuries, baskets have served as versatile containers for storing and trading seeds and transporting food and clothing from one land to the next. The art of basket weaving has become a global phenomenon, with techniques ranging from Asian hexagonal weaves to European splint-weaving. History and tradition are visible in today’s updated designs, providing us with a natural and practical addition to any space in need of just a touch of the organic and ancient.

About the Maker

In 2002, Beatriz Carregha founded Makaua, a company that brings together artisans, workers and designers to create handmade palm products for the home, such as placemats, baskets, lampshades, tote bags, rugs and puffs. With a passion and a goal to be “perfectly imperfect” Makaua celebrates the authentic and the different by crafting high-quality items made only from a sustainable natural fiber that grows abundantly in the south of Mexico. Their products join nature, culture and tradition, offering the world much more than just basic products, but a way to connect. Makaua has given hundreds of people in Mexico the opportunity to earn an income and improve their quality of life.

Additional information

Weight 19.5 oz





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