Cotton Khadi Ombre Scarf


A 100% cotton khadi fringed ombre throw in indigo


Why We Love This

This luxe textile, in deep indigo blue, can serve as a blanket, a tablecloth or a luxurious wrap for those cool evenings. Made from 100% cotton, it’s dyed with traditional pattern and edged in soft fringe. Using fair trade practices, it’s sourced directly from village artisans in India.


Auntie Oti believes in finding versatile domestic goods with a quiet elegance. This large throwómeasuring 94 x 34″óis made of traditional khadi cloth, a fabric woven by hand from hand-spun yarn. Indigo, a dark and warm blue, symbolically represents the sixth chakra, a center of intuition, and is a natural colorant extracted from plants. The use of indigo began in India and has a storied past. The ombrÈ dyeing technique, where color is gradually blended in tints and shades from dark to light, makes this textile special.

About the Maker

Village to village in every region of India, Auntie Oti seeks essential articles for a meaningful lifestyle. All goods, whether home wares or clothing, are handmade by skilled artisanóforgers, dyers, weaversóborn into a tradition of community-based textile production. Everything, from bowls to shawls, show an attention to detail from materials to craftsmanship not found in mass production. No two pieces are alike, which only makes them more special.

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