Crafting & Use of Ritual Tools : Step-By-Step Instructions for Woodcrafting Religious & Magical Implements


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Most magicians agree that crafting something yourself, whether it be a set of runes or a ritual dagger, is more powerful than purchasing a similar item made by someone else. Now you can learn how to make your own magical wand, staff, dagger, and other tools when you follow the step-by-step instructions in The Crafting and Use of Ritual Toolsby Eleanor and Philip Harris.

This book is truly a hands-on guide to making and working with a variety of sacred implements. It reveals every step of the way, including what tools you need, the different types of wood available, where you should do the work, explicit, step-by-step directions detailing how to manufacture them, and how to consecrate the tools after you make them.

Making your magical tools is not just woodwork. It is a loving process that helps you bond with the magical properties inherent in the wood. The consecration of the tool adds your own energies to it, creating a truly potent magical tool.

The Crafting and Use of Ritual Tools will allow you to explore an ancient and fulfilling method of religious self-expression by fashioning your own ritual tools by hand. Incorporate symbolism from the magical tradition you follow, or select symbols from several different religious and magical systems.

The tools you make have different qualities from any others that you buy. This book explains how you can meditate upon your personal staff and uncover the mysteries of working with sacred objects. You’ll learn how to create sacred space, draw down the Moon, and perform other acts of magic and worship with the assistance of your personally crafted magical wand or ritual knife.

This exciting book is both spiritual and practical. With The Crafting and Use of Ritual Tools, you can start making tools today.

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