Crosses Vial of Feathers

A crystal bottle filled with soft white feathers


Why We Love This

At-Choo is all about taking us out of our daily reality and into a world filled with fantasy and wonder. We love how this simple vial of white feathers reminds us to connect to the beauty and mystery surrounding us every day.


At-Choo designed this piece as a reminder of the magic that’s all around us. Small enough to be carried, the slim bottle is filled with soft, white feathers, and features a linen cork secured with a delicate gold-wire band. Founder Elaine Seamans is devoted to supporting animal welfare, and a portion of the sales from her designs help her non-profit At-Choo Foundation provide medical care for shelter dogs on a forever basis.

About the Maker

As a purveyor of whimsical treasures that can make even the most hardened cynic smile, At-Choo by Elaine Seamans transports us above the usual and mundane to a fantasy world filled with humor, comfort, love and wonder. At the heart of her creations is her belief that there is nothing greater than saving a life. In that vein, Seamans is dedicated to ensuring that dogs in extreme need of medical help are treated and saved through her non-profit At-Choo Foundation.

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