Crystal Quartz Sphere Crystal

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This mineral ball is believed to be a master healer that amplifies all energy


Why We Love This

Because the sphere symbolizes unity it is believed to join the body, mind and spirit. Quartz is said to intensify spiritual growth and healing because, as an amplifying stone, it increases whatever energy or intention is set to it. We love holding this orb in our hands and watching the light bring out the entire color spectrum.


The ancient art of crystal therapy accepts that crystals heal through natural powers. Crystal practitioners believe this power connects the physical body to the spiritual body through energy, allowing positive energy to flow into the body while releasing negative energy. Shaped and polished into a sphere, a universal symbol of wholeness, this crystal is very powerful because it emanates energy evenly in all directions, affecting an entire space. Crystal quartz is an abundant and versatile stone believed to amplify, store and transform energy, which can open the mind and heart to a higher power with light and guidance. It’s also believed that its power requires the user to feel in harmony with it and have only good intentions. Note that crystal practitioners use crystals for specific purposes. This information is not intended to diagnose or treat health conditions.

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Weight 12.0 oz
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