Custom Bodhi Tree Lotus Incense Holder

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A small white lotus-shaped incense holder on a plate, made exclusively for Bodhi Tree

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Why We Love This

This handmade white ceramic incense holder sits on an elegant, yet simply crafted plate. We love its dimensions and flat finish, making it both a piece of art to inspire reflection and a functional incense holder. Use as part of a home altar or on a mantle.


Lotus flowers grow in dark and muddy waters, eventually blooming with pink and white petals. Representing a rebirth or emergence from darkness, this simple incense holder symbolizes purity and new beginnings. Crafted by hand exclusively for Bodhi Tree, the maker combines the Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic of beauty through imperfection with the modern functionality of Scandinavian design. Simple and clean, the artist leaves her mark on each pieceóliterally an imprint of her fingerprint on the bottom of every work of art.

About the Maker

Beth Katzís lifeís journey began in Topanga Canyon, where she learned the art of pottery while growing up. She spent time working in other fieldsóas a makeup artist and then as a Creative Director at a womenís magazine. But it wasnít until she returned to school for a graduate degree in Spiritual Psychology that she realized her hobby was to be her career. Enlightened by the choices she had made along the way, her art todayófound in the combination of functional and decorative pieces of Mt. Washington Potteryóis inspired by the steps she has taken since childhood.

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