Dhammapada : Teachings of the Buddha


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The Dhammapada is the most widely studied Buddhist scripture, enjoyed for centuries by Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. This classic text of teaching verses conveys the philosophical and practical foundations of the Buddhist tradition. The text presents two distinct goals: the first is attaining happiness in this life (or in future lives); the second is the achievement of spiritual liberation, lasting freedom, absolute peace.

For centuries, this text has been studied in its original Pali, the canonical language of Buddhism in Southeast Asia. In Pali, Dhamma means truth, law, discipline. Pada means path, step, foot. Thus, this popular teaching text describes how to walk the path of truth. With extensive explanatory notes, this edition combines a rigorous attention to detail in bringing forth the original text with Gil Fronsdal’s personal knowledge of the Buddhist path. It is the first translation of this text to be published in English that is both truly accurate and enjoyable to read.

This unabridged book-and-CD edition, read by renowned Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield, offers a new way to encounter the beauty and power of these ancient teachings.

Includes 2 CDs.

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