Doorways to the Infinite : The Art & Practice of Tantric Meditation


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The sensuous and the sublime, the ordinary and the divine-on the Tantric path, all qualities merge as one in the ecstasy and wonder of awakening. Doorways to the Infiniteinvites listeners to directly experience the core practices and insights of Tantra from its original source: Kashmir Shaivism’s Vijnana Bhairava. This series of dialogues between the deity Shiva and his consort Devi holds a treasury of powerful pathways to direct revelation. With her gift for sharing esoteric wisdom in an immediate and down-to-earth way, Sally Kempton guides us into more than 30 key meditations and practices that engage our senses, breathing, Kundalini energy flow, inward and outward awareness, and movement as vehicles for radical and profound spiritual illumination.

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