Douglas Fir Spring Tips Tea


An organic tea with sweet evergreen notes


Why We Love This

Deep bark and fresh pine is the base of this hardy herbal tea. Made from sustainably harvested Douglas Fir needle tips, this caffeine-free brew is at once relaxing and invigorating. We could sip this tea’s flavor notes of bright citrus, herbs and earthy accents all day.


Referred to as the “elixir of life,” tea has been used for millennia in many cultures for both physical and spiritual benefits. Specific infusions are blended to relieve sickness or discomfort and to foster inner wellbeing and mental acuity. As a ceremonial act, making tea defines a part of a day, whether a sun-up starter, a midday sip, or a calming cup to welcome nighttime sleep. Juniper Ridge makes tea infusions to experience the natural world’s goodness. Sipping this steamy elixir can help to mindfully ground and heal as it soothes and warms. Each tin contains 20 unbleached tea bags and is labeled with a hand-drawn design.

About the Maker

Juniper Ridge is committed to bringing the beauty of the untamed landscape—from the forest to the desert—into one’s home and life. Because their products are made with materials that cannot be bought, they forage mountain meadows, wet earth, beneath fir trees, and along trails of the American West to create all-natural wilderness elixirs. Beginning in the field, these are refined and finished in their Oakland, California workshop. Additionally, 10% of all profits are donated to Western Wilderness Defense organizations.

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