Dransfield and Ross Abidjan Pillow


A handmade indigo-dyed pillow made from a vintage African textiles


Why We Love This

Made from vintage African indigo-dyed cotton, each Abidjan pillow has a unique pattern. Rich blues range from a pale sea to a deep midnight and seem to go with everything. We also love the luxurious feel of these pillows.


With an eye for the unusual and exquisite, Dransfield and Ross created this collection of pillows that fuse texture and color. They believe that by adding high-quality, thoughtful objects to your living spaces, you enrich your environmentóand your life. Vintage and antique fabrics are made into fresh designs that balance old-world and modern influences. Sourcing all 100% cotton textiles from worldwide artisans, every pillow is handmade and one-of-a-kindóand for indoor use only. Inserts are made of cotton and filled with 95% down and 5% feathers. Size: 18″ square.

About the Maker

Dransfield and Ross believe unique home furnishings can create a blend of energies in interior spacesóand in life. John Dransfield’s background as a fashion designer, coupled with Jeffrey Ross’s experience as a designer of high-end textiles, set the bar for quality and detail very high. They’re consummate collectors of vintage fabrics and textiles and have a great eye for the unusual and exquisite, which they turn into items for the home.

Additional information

Weight 19.2 oz




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