Drug Trafficking, Organized Crime, and Violence in the Americas Today


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An extensive overview of the drug trade in the Americas and its impact on politics, economics, and society throughout the region. . . . Highly recommended.


A first-rate update on the state of the long-fought hemispheric ‚ A war on drugs. It is particularly timely, as the perception that the war is lost and needs to be changed has never been stronger in Latin and North America. Paul Gootenberg, author of Andean Cocaine: The Making of a Global Drug
A must-read volume for policy makers, concerned citizens, and students alike in the current search for new approaches to forty-year-old policies largely considered to have failed. David Scott Palmer, coauthor of Power, Institutions, and Leadership in War and Peace


A very useful primer for anyone trying to keep up with the ever-evolving relationship between drug enforcement and drug trafficking. Peter Andreas, author of Smuggler Nation: How Illicit Trade Made America.

In 1971, Richard Nixon declared a war on drugs. Despite foreign policy efforts and attempts to combat supply lines, the United States has been for decades, and remains today, the largest single consumer market for illicit drugs on the planet.
The contributors to this volume illustrate that the war on drugs has been ineffective at best and, at worst, has been highly detrimental to countries throughout the region. They present a clear picture of drug trafficking and its role in organized crime while discussing the major trends of the war on drugs in the twenty-first century, as well as its future.

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