Elam Lias 0 Tarlatane Gauze Handmade Paper Journal


Fair trade, handmade journal in three sizes and various colors


Why We Love This

A blank book is an empty vessel waiting to be filled with wisdom, enlightenment and curiosity. We think these handmade journals make taking a break from the digital a pleasure. Each book is stitched and bound to last a lifetime.


These handmade journals are perfect for jotting down an observation, sketching an idea, or plotting a trip around the world. Whether covered in a solid colored paper, a simple cloth or a richly patterned paper, each one is an example of the fine art of bookbinding. Between the covers are 80 blank pages of archival Italian paper just waiting to be filled. Available in three sizes: small, approximately 6.75 x 7.875″ù / medium, approximately 4.25 x 6.25″ / large, approximately 8.25 x 11″.

About the Maker

Elam, an Egyptian bookbindery based in Paris, believes in creating luxurious objects that inspire harmony and thoughtfulness every day. Using traditional bookbinding methods, each fair-trade journal is made by hand. The company believes that a book inherits the soul and energy from which it was created, and that each of its components carries its own character trait, history and symbolism that come together to form its own unique individuality. that’s why Elam is devoted to making each and every book with love.

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