Elba Pillow 50cm x 50cm

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A hand-knit feather-filled pillow in a grey hue


Why We Love This

Organic cotton rope is hand-dyed and knit into this feather-filled pillow. The knit-and-purl pattern makes this pillow thick, sturdy, so it fits perfectly with any setting. We love that its nautical feel reminds us of summer no matter the time of year.


Designed in Italy and exclusively produced in Brazil, Arcade Avec embraces the signature imperfections of an item that’s made by hand. Using only all-natural materials and ethical business practices, the company is conscious of preserving traditional craftsmanship techniques that utilize handmade tools for the production of their home accessories, while contributing to a fair trade market system. A group of artists in Italy design textiles that are a collection of their various viewpoints, and a women’s artisan collective in Brazil produces their designs with time-honored expertise and an unwavering attention detail. Each pillow is a story in and of itself.

About the Maker

With a mutual love for Brazil and all things handcrafted, Ivan Baj and Paulo Haubert founded Arcade Avec, a design group based in Bolzano, Italy, that works exclusively with a women’s cooperative in Southern Brazil to produce one-of-a-kind textiles. Using traditional dyeing and hand-spinning techniques, and then hand-weaving or knitting each item, all of the designs have an organic, warm feel, while combining modern style with a timeless spirit of craftsmanship and luxury.

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