Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain : The Essence of Tai Ji – Paperback


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“To work with Al Huang is to learn to move with wind and water…in the course of everyday life. …a truly superior and gifted teacher who works upon others as the sun and rain upon plants.”—From the Foreword by Alan Watts, one of the great writers of comparative philosophy and religion and Taoist and Zen literature

First published in 1973, this all-time classic of Tai Ji literature remains as fresh and illuminating today as when it was first published. Written with true passion and eloquence, the book richly conveys the subtle yet profound principles underlying Tai Ji. Movement, stillness, joyfulness, and the ability to live in the moment are the threads running through the text, as well as the humor and compassion to acknowledge the impossibility of human perfection. Containing the original Foreword by Alan Watts, the book is illustrated with beautiful calligraphy by the author, and photographs by Si Chi Ko, one of China’s “national treasures.”

This timeless masterpiece is essential reading for anybody interested in Taoism, Tai Ji, or the Tao philosophy of “Living Our Own Tao,” and the author is a wonderful, dramatic, and inspiring presence throughout the book.

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