Encompass Nomad Cork Yoga Mat


Ultra-portable eco-friendly cork yoga mat

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Why We Love This

This cork yoga mat has a printed design of an abstract compass, inspired by the cardinal designs at Little Moon Yoga Studio in Umzumbe, South Africa. This mat features a thin layer of non-slip and antimicrobial cork that’s easy to maintain and requires no break-in period. It’s also 100% recyclable and free of PVC, plasticizers and latex.


While envisioning the use of eco-friendly green materials for water boards, Yoloha Yoga’s founder Chris Willey discovered cork works well because of its water-resistance. that’s when he decided to create the first cork yoga mat. Yoloha Yoga mat designs are just as aligned as their construction. Each mat features a meaningful design based upon cosmic elements√≥such as sacred geometry, third eye, and compass cardinal symbols. Even the organic elements of cork lend themselves nicely to Yoloha Yoga mat design.

About the Maker

Chris Willey grew up in a nature-friendly family and developed a respect for sustainability as a result. He eventually began manufacturing surfboards, and while envisioning the use of eco-friendly green materials for his water boards, he discovered cork, which has a non-slip surface even when wet. So he created the first cork yoga mat, knowing the material would work with sweat as well. Yoloha Yoga was born. Hand-laminating the cork and recycled rubber layers together, Willey developed a mat that he believes outlasts any other natural material. With Yoloha Yoga, Willey has married conscious construction with meaningful aesthetics to create a unique product.

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Weight 32.0 oz
Dimensions 24 × 5 in


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