Espiritus Del Ande Incense Bar

Set of six incense bars in a myrrh scent


Why We Love This

Incense made from myrrh, the aromatic resin of a small, thorny tree, has been used throughout history as a perfume and medicine. When burned in a home or meditation space, it brings the intoxicating scent of nature inside, while the ritualistic lighting of the incense creates a sense of serenity.


Many cultures throughout history have burned fragrant materials as offerings to spirits and to purify homes and sacred places for religious ceremonies. These bars also link us to tradition on earth, as They’re hand-blended and shaped, then dried and packaged in handmade boxes by local natives on a small farm in Southern Peru, who are committed to continuing the Quechua tradition. The myrrh spice, known for its antioxidant properties, was used as far back as biblical times to purify the dead. It remains part of traditional Chinese medicine, as well as a very popular essential oil around the world today. Incausa incense is made from raw materials and does not contain toxic carcinogens. Each silkscreened box contains six bars.

About the Maker

Handcraft traditions, ceremonial rituals and social consciousness are at the heart of Brooklyn-based Incausa. As founder Vinicius Vieira de Vieira puts it, the company is dedicated to the practice of “sacred trade” óusing profits from the sales of incense and meditation tools to support craftsmanship and heritage in Nepal and Brazil, Vieira de Vieira’s home country. What started as a sidewalk-table venture has grown into a multinational grassroots organization committed to fair-trade practices that support indigenous artistry.

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