Essence of Buddhism : An Introduction to Its Philosophy and Practice


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One of the clearest introductions to the teachings and philosophies of the three main schools of Buddhism: Theravada, Mahayana, and Tibetan.

This comprehensive guide to the Buddhist path is as accessible as it is complete. Traleg Kyabgon breaks the teachings down conveniently into the three traditional “vehicles,” while never letting us forget that the point of all the Dharma is nothing other than insight into the mind and heart. Along the way he provides vivid definitions of fundamental Buddhist concepts such as compassion, emptiness, and Buddha-nature and answers
common questions such as:

• Why does Buddhism teach that there is “no self”?
• Are Buddhist teachings pessimistic?
• Does Buddhism encourage social passivity?
• What is the role of sex in Buddhist tantra?
• Why is it said that samsara is nirvana?
• Does it take countless lifetimes to attain enlightenment, or can it be achieved in a moment?

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