Experience Yoga Nidra : Guided Deep Relaxation: Remastered


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The CD contains two genuine relaxation methods. Swami Janakananda guides you into a deep relaxation of body and mind to the background of music and nature sounds. He uses the tantric mantras and visual symbols to awaken and harmonize your innermost nature. Roop Verma, on sitar, is the first musician to record the chakras’ ancient music symbols. Comes with a 24-page booklet about the background of Yoga Nidra and how to get the full benefits from the two relaxations.

“Relaxation is a state that is best achieved by using a technique that triggers it. During Yoga Nidra, the blood pressure is normalized, the immune system is strengthened and the brain slows down and cooperates. All organs and senses of the body are rested in a way that sleep seldom provides. Thus the senses are sharpened and you feel invigorated afterwards. The more familiar you become with Yoga Nidra, the easier it is to glide into the relaxed state. And as you come to know harmony, you are soon able to instantly recall it, in the middle of daily activities. What makes Yoga Nidra so special is that it touches all parts of your being through the different methods it contains.” Swami Janakananda

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