Exploring Religion in Ancient Egypt


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Exploring Religion in Ancient Egypt presents an overview of the beliefs, sacred rituals, and religious practices of the people of Kemet-literally, “the Black Land”-whose Nile Valley population stretched from Aswan to the Mediterranean coast beginning from circa 3100 BC.

Dispelling some of the dominant modern preconceptions about ancient Egyptian religion, author Stephen Quirke considers the evidence for ancient patterns of marking sacred space and time, and the verbal and visual imagery on creation and Ma’ at-the expression of truth and balance, or “what is good,” in the language of Kemet. Within these frameworks, Quirke reveals how people in ancient Egypt struggled to secure well-being in the present life as they prepared for the afterlife. Exploring Religion in Ancient Egypt offers illuminating insights into an ancient civilization whose complex series of religious beliefs and practices remain unique in the history of human religion.

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