Fibre Tibet Thakali Cashmere Himalayan Wrap Solid

A lightweight cashmere wrap, available in two colors


Why We Love This

Made from the finest fibers and produced by an ethical business using free-trade practices, this lightweight cashmere shawl with raw edges is endlessly versatile, worn either around the shoulders or neck, or used as a small blanket.


Named for Thakali, the central region of Nepal where Buddhism, Hinduism and Dhom equally coexist, this scarf is pure refinement. Cashmere isn’t only about luxury, it’s about quality, craftsmanship and longevity. Superior, organic fibers are cultivated by nomadic communities, then hand-spun, woven and dyed by Himalayan artisans using traditional methods. Fibre Tibet is committed to providing a direct link to the regional native businesses and the buyer. Every item purchased helps improve the livelihoods of these rich cultures. It measures 36” x 72”.

About the Maker

Fibre Tibet, a retail collection of exceptional textiles, is a branch of Noble Fibre, Inc., a nonprofit entity that partners with nomadic communities in Nepal and Tibet investing in artisanal enterprises with an emphasis on those owned by women. The finest fibers from Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia and India are used to create cashmere, wool, cotton and silk. All designs are woven in Kathmandu using traditional techniques of hand spinning and hand weaving. Fibre Tibet improves tribal livelihoods and helps maintain their traditions and culture while providing timeless, elegant luxury goods.

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Weight 4.8 oz



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