Flax Line Organics Hand Towel

A Japanese hand towel made from woven 100% organic cotton


Why We Love This

This towel is quick drying, super absorbent, lightweight and environmentally friendly. The design, with a striped band of herringbone pattern in beige, reflects the ideals of balance and stability. Imported from Japan.


Each towel has a warm oatmeal-colored tone and is accented at one end with chestnut brown herringbone stripes. Flax towels are gently woven using traditional low-speed looms that allow for the natural softness of the cotton to emerge, making the towels as soft as cashmere yet durable enough for daily use. Each luxurious towel has two sides. One side features a smooth, ultra-soft, gauzy, cotton weave and the other side has a looped, plush, terrycloth pile.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz




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