Fog Linen Lavender Sachet


A linen pouch with a calming fragrance to place with clothes and linens


Why We Love This

A simple little pillow of dried lavender keeps our undergarments, sheets and towels freshly fragrant. Its calming and soothing scent makes everything seem as if it were dried on a clothesline in a field of lavender.


Various combinations of plaids, stripes and assorted colors merge in perfect unison for this petite scented pillow. Made from Fog Linen remnants and filled with dried lavender, each sachet is a unique design with slight variations in pattern and color, so no two sachets are alike, making them even more special. Each sachet has a loop stitched into the corner to easily hang anywhere. All Fog Linen products are well designed and timeless in beauty and function, and this sachet is no exception.

About the Maker

Bound by a love for tried-and-true textiles, Yumiko Sekine and Julie Baine founded Fog Linen together more than 13 years ago. Unable to find affordable everyday linens, they began designing and producing their own collections. All of their products are created in Lithuanian factories, a country historically known-since the Middle Ages-for its superior linen fabrics. All of their products have the warmth and textural quality of traditional European craftsmanship.

Additional information

Weight 3.2 oz



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