Four Elements of Design : Interiors Inspired by Air, Water, Earth, and Fire


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From interior design icon Vicente Wolf,åÊan inspirational guide for home decorators toåÊdesigning unforgettable spaces based on theåÊfour natural elements.

Based on Wolf ‰_s belief that the classical elements‰ÛÓåÊearth, water, air, and fire‰ÛÓform the basic buildingåÊblocks of great interior design, the book is dividedåÊinto four sections. Through breathtaking photographyåÊ(taken by Wolf himself ) and an engaging narrative,åÊWolf walks the reader through the process ofåÊdesigning around these principles. Air showcasesåÊprojects that contain a lightness of spirit, open inåÊfeeling with a palette that creates an atmosphereåÊwithout boundaries. Earth features grounded interiors,åÊwhere stone, wood, and natural textures formåÊthe foundation. Water shows fluidity and environmentsåÊwith reflective shades of blues and aqua, whileåÊdeep colors, reds and dramatic qualities of his designåÊwill be showcased in Fire. The dwellings presented,åÊin rich detail, include more than a dozen sumptuousåÊprojects, such as Long Island beach houses,åÊManhattan apartments and sumptuous homes in NewåÊYork, Connecticut, and California. Through thisåÊunique concept, Wolf proves why he is the uncontestedåÊmaster of cool, luminous rooms that combineåÊstrength and sensuality.

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