Four Sigmatic Mushroom Hot Cocoa

An all-natural powdered hot chocolate mix with reishi mushrooms and spices to help reduce stress

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Why We Love This

Reishi, a Chinese herbal mushroom believed to help reduce stress and increase sleep quality, is blended with cacao, a natural mood enhancer, and cinnamon and cardamom for a calming, espresso-style beverage. We love adding a splash of coconut milk and drinking it when we’re ready to unwind from a busy day.


Mushrooms are considered a superfood for their antioxidant, antiviral and antimicrobial properties, and regular consumption of the organic active ingredients in mushrooms are believed to help boost the immune system. Reishi mushrooms are believed to help balance an overactive hormone system and improve sleep quality; cacao is an effective mood enhancer and source of antioxidants; and cinnamon and cardamom help to balance blood-sugar levels and kill sweet flavors. Simply add one packet of this organic, vegan, non-gmo, caffeine- and gluten-free blend to 3 oz of hot water and enjoy it espresso-style. By creating a line of drinkable mushrooms, Four Sigmatic wants to help people make medicinal mushrooms a part of their daily habit for the therapeutic properties.

About the Maker

Founded in the Nordic countries by a group of college friends who call themselves the “Funguys,” Four Sigmatic is a line of healthful beverages made from medicinal mushrooms designed for consumers to easily incorporate the therapeutic benefits of mushrooms into a daily habit. Proceeds from sales go to Contribution Kits, a program where they give packages of medicinal mushrooms to cancer patients to complement their treatment.

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