Frithjof Schuon : Messenger of the Perennial Philosophy


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Frithjof Schuon (1907-1998) is the foremost representative of the ‰ÛÏPerennialist‰_ or ‰ÛÏTraditionalist‰_ school of comparative religious thought. Michael Fitzgerald‰_s book is the most comprehensive biographical study of Schuon to date‰ÛÓone which shows how Schuon expressed his message not only in his majestic metaphysical works but in poetry, in painting, and in the disciplines of daily life. Appropriate and concise quotations from Schuon‰_s articles, books, memoirs, and correspondence are combined with a wealth of reliable information from people who knew Schuon well. Readers are thus given valuable tools to help clarify and deepen their understanding of Frithjof Schuon‰_s life and works. With more than a dozen color illustrations and over 40 sepia photographs, this biography should become a standard reference work for all future studies of Schuon.

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