Galactic Pot-Healer


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A powerful and enigmatic alien recruits humans and aliens to help it restore a sunken cathedral in this touching and hilarious novel.

Sometimes even gods need help. In Galactic Pot-Healer that god is an alien creature known as The Glimmung, which looks alternately like a flaming wheel, a teenage girl, and a swirling mass of ocean life. In order to raise a sunken city, he summons beings from across the galaxy to Plowman‰_s Planet. Joe Fernwright is one of those summoned, needed for his skills at pot-healing‰ÛÓrepairing broken ceramics. But from the moment Joe arrives on Plowman‰_s Planet, things start to go awry. Told as only Philip K. Dick can,Galactic Pot-Healer is a wildly funny tale of aliens, gods, and ceramics.

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